Traditional Irish Music

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        If you’ve an affinity for “pure drop” Irish traditional music and song, you’ll find it wherever this trio is playing! 

​​Having played countless tunes together over the years in a variety of settings (on and off the stage), Haley Richardson, Don Penzien and Megan Bennett Irby first joined forces as a trio early in 2017 for the Ormond Beach Celtic Festival.

The overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from the crowd paired with the pure joy of performing together has compelled this crew to seek out every opportunity to join forces again! We decided on the name "Shared Madness"....there's a story about a man in a chicken suit but you'll have to come see us to hear it! 

In the coming months, you’ll find Shared Madness performing in North Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, and Louisiana… and with a little luck, in your home town too! 


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We’re mad for Irish music and welcome any opportunity to share our madness with you!

Photo credits: Andrew Irby